Friday, May 3, 2013

Ring of Secrets, by Roseanna M. White

It is America in the 1770s, and Winter Reeves is leading a double life.  She appears to be a member of an aristocratic family, loyal to England, and intellectually vapid.  In reality, she is a Patriot, loyal to George Washington's cause, and a highly intelligent spy.  As Winter attempts to aid the cause, she gets tangled in a web of intrigue, romance, and danger.  The only thing holding her afloat is her faith.

This is one of those books that has something for everyone; historical context, romance, intrigue, danger, and  faith.  It sounds like a bit of a hodge podge, but this author totally makes it work.  Having read some other books about Revolutionary War espionage, I have to say, the book is incredibly well researched from a historical perspective.  Knowing this author, I would have expected nothing less.  I was fascinated with the techniques used to pass secret messages.  In the context of today's electrical encryption and such, it may seem rudimentary, but in historical context, these spy methods were quite ingenious.  I felt like the historical aspects of the story were woven into the plot seamlessly.  The history did not overshadow the story; instead, it perfectly enhanced it.

I adored Winter as a character.  I loved her fierce spirit, and the tremendous loyalty she possessed.  It always makes me happy to see a female protagonist who is strong and independant, without being harsh and cold.  That is exactly what I saw in Winter.  And while part of her story does involve romance, she always stays true to herself, and her beliefs.  

This is a work of Christian fiction, but the faith aspect is subtle.  There are many mentions of God, and Providence, as Winter prays throughout the book.  There are also discussions of various religious beliefs at that time in history.  Rather than using the book as a bullhorn for preaching faith, however, the author chose to use it as an example of a person using faith to guide their life.  I think it is beautiful.  And because it is a Christian book, there are no issues with explicit language, sexuality, or blatant violence.  The book is totally suitable for adults, as well as for older teen readers.  And because it covers many genre's, it has real potential for mass appeal.  

Yet another brilliant book by this author.

I received a review copy courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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