Monday, May 6, 2013

Once Upon A Gypsy Moon, by Michael Hurley

After over two decades of marriage, and the raising of children, Michael finds his life in total upheaval.  Dealing with a divorce, and in many ways total failure in his life, Michael plans a trip to Nassau on his boat, the Gypsy Moon.  This book details his trip and his journey to find his true self.

I really struggled with this book.  I first started reading it months ago, and had to walk away after thirty pages or so.  I really struggled with the author's writing style.  The author is very poetic, and while it is most likely intended to be sensitive and romantic, I found the writing style overly florid and somewhat pompous.  I am all for injecting a little bit of poeticism into writing, but I felt like this writing was just too much.  I also struggled with his narrative style.  Things were so out of order, bouncing all around his life's timeline, that I had trouble keeping the chronology straight.  

The story is basically that of a man undergoing a midlife crisis.  He has an affair, gets a divorce, and sails a boat to tropical locations.  While I am not interested in sailing, the sailing aspect of the book was really the only thing that interested me.  The book is all about this man searching for his true self, but I never really felt like we, as the readers, got to see who his true self was.  

I think readers who normally like highly reflective memoirs will enjoy the book.  Similarly, readers interested in sailing will find that aspect of the book interesting.   For me, I just was left unfulfilled.

I received a review copy of the book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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