Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blood Awakening, by Wenona Husley

Nicole is still healing from the loss of her mother.  When she and her best friend Kat travel from their sleepy Alabama town to Panama City for a short getaway, Nicole encounters a mysterious man.  As a result of this encounter, Nicole develops a strange ability.  What will this mean for Nicole's future?

This book was a novella prequel to a new paranormal romance series, and I must say, it did an excellent job of pulling me in.  Within the short story, we learn a lot about Nicole's character, and because the reader endures the  traumatic encounter with Nicole, there is a connection, an interest sparked.  I instantly felt like I wanted to see where Nicole's path would lead.

I liked that the story started off a bit light, as the young ladies are looking for some eye candy at the beach.  When the story takes a darker turn, I find the timing perfect, and that it is this timing that really helps to hook the reader.  I really enjoyed the writer's style, the dialogue seemed believable, and I liked the overall tone of the book.

So far, I am more than a little intrigued about this series, and am excited to read more.

This book is from my personal library.

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