Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Other Mothers, by L.N. Cronk

David has a beautiful life, with his wife Laci and their two children.  They have recently added to their family by becoming foster parents to Amber, and David feels strongly that Amber should be a permanent part of their family.  However, God seems to have different plans, and the family faces some of their toughest struggles yet.

Once again Cronk opens the world of her characters from the Chop Chop series, and allows the readers inside.  I especially like this book, since it focuses a lot on David and his journey, much like the first book did.  I feel that as the series continues, we really get to see so many of the characters blossom, and we see it through David's eyes; now it is his turn.

As always, Cronk bravely tackles some tough subjects, and I like the fact that she allows her characters to be imperfect.  Sometimes Christian authors do not want to show negative emotions or situations in their writing, but I find that authors that do produce work that is more relatable to readers, and Cronk exemplifies that.  Her writing is honest, and real; it allows readers to see pieces of themselves and their own struggles in the stories.

The book, and in fact the entire series, has wide appeal for both Christian readers and non-Christian readers.  I continue to look forward to the next book in the series, and am secretly dreading when the series ends.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author.

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