Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Under the Same Sky, by Genevieve Graham

Her whole life, Maggie has seen him.  As a child, she saw him, as a young woman she saw him, and as her life embarked on a path of terror, she saw him.  In fact, he is what saved her.  Maggie endures a series of horrific events, and through it all, the vision of a man calms her, soothes her, saves her.  The man is Andrew, a Scottish lad who also grew up seeing visions, visions of the American lass he will later learn is Maggie.  Drawn to each other across years and miles, the two can only hope to survive together.

I told the author, when I was midway through the book, that it was stealing my breath and breaking my heart.  She responded that she hoped it would heal my heart as well, and I am happy to say her hope was fulfilled.  This book?  Breathtaking.  Honestly.  This is not your typical damsel in distress with a heaving bosom beneath a ripped bodice type of romance novel.  This, well, this is pure magic.  The story is so incredibly written.  The way that Maggie and Andrew have parallel lives, paths occasionally crossing on a metaphysical plane.

Maggie's character is what really broke my heart.  This poor girl, her story is so painful.  I cannot imagine any reader not having an intense reaction to Maggie's story.  And yet, her strength, her will to survive is so beautiful.  I felt more connected to Maggie than to Andrew, but I feel certain that without sometimes seeing through Andrew's eyes, this story would have been incomplete.  I think it is brilliant the way Graham allows their stories to unfold simultaneously.

There is a deeply spiritual connection between Maggie and Andrew, and that is what makes this story so romantic.  I am the type of reader who longs for that type of story in a genre that, despite its name, is often reduced to shallow sexuality.  I think real fans of romance novels will enjoy this book, particularly those fond of historical romances and Highland romances.  

Genevieve Graham has outdone herself this time.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author and publisher.

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