Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pon-Pon, by L.N. Cronk

The next installment of this series finds David and Laci moving back to their hometown.  Amazingly, the pieces fall together and they find a house for their family that allows them to be in their old neighborhood, where he can keep an eye on the younger sister of his best friend Greg, who died in high school.  David begins tutoring the younger brother of one of his high school friends, and watches as the young man's life takes off on an emotional rollercoaster.  Can David be the right type of support to his young friends?

So far, within this series, I have found each book to be better than the previous, and with a series that started out fantastically to begin with, that says a lot.  Once again, Cronk allows us into the world of these characters.  At this point, we know David and Laci quite well, but it is interesting to watch the changes within their family.  Similarly, it is fascinating to watch David interacting with the younger siblings of his high school chums.  

I like that Cronk continues to take on challenging topics.  Foreign and domestic adoption, teen pregnancy, suicide.  These are not typical topics for Christian novels, but they really should be.  Cronk does an amazing job of showing how these types of hardships touch the lives of all people, regardless of their religion, and how even the toughest situations can be deal with in a loving way.

This series has the ability to touch so many lives, and I find it to be a powerful tool.  Because these tough situations are so common, readers can find solace in the stories, and can relate to the characters.  This serves as yet another brilliant installment in the series.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author.

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