Monday, December 12, 2011

Burden of Blood, by Wenona Husley

After a strange encounter, Nicole realized she had some special abilities.  She is now a police officer, who uses her seemingly psychic abilities to help catch the bad guys.  When her life is endangered, she realizes that her abilities are not psychic, but instead mystical powers due to her mystical heritage.  And to top it all off, her hunky partner is actually an ancient warrior sworn to protect her.  Life will never be the same for Nicole.

Southern gothic meets Celtic paranormal.  Sounds like an odd combination, but in this book it really works.  I loved learning about Nicole's mystical heritage, and particularly liked that we learn it along with her, as opposed to being privy to information she does not have.  I liked that the reader gets to experience these discoveries through Nicole's eyes.  It makes them seem even that more fantastical.

I think the characters in the story are well developed, though I would like to see more of Nicole's friend as opposed to her big scene being at the end of the story.  I love the ancient warrior romance angle, it puts an interesting spin on things.  I am a big fan of the fact that Nicole is a much stronger character than Luke, both in terms of her character as well as in terms of her literal strength.

I found the ending of the book to be a bit surprising, and an interesting artistic choice for the author.  It will lead nicely into a sequel.  I think this book will appeal widely to fans of paranormal or fantasy romance, as well as those interested in Celtic folklore.  

This book is from my personal library.

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