Friday, December 9, 2011

Mom's Ultimate Guide to Tween Girl Word, by Nancy Rue

Tweens.  This term never used to exist, but as society pays more attention to child development, it has become clear that there is a distinct difference between adolescent girls and teenage girls, and a period of development different from both.  Thus, the tween label was born.  Tween girls are mysterious creature, one minute neglectful of hygiene and the next minute hyper vigilant.  They crave friends but still seek out the approval of their mother.  They emulate older girls, without really understanding the motive behind their own actions.  This book serves as a guide to moms of tween girls, helping them to understand this unique period of development.

This book piqued my interest because my niece has officially entered the tween stage.  She craves adult interaction, and is quite mature for her age, yet I still see so much little girl in her, and I decided I wanted to understand better what her life at this stage was like.  This has all changed so much since I was 11.  And I thought the book did an excellent job of explaining the tween girl.  I felt like the book did not trivialize what is going on in the young girls' worlds and minds, nor did it seem patronizing.  It is clear that the author has spent time really interacting with tween girls and learning from them about their fears and insecurities.

I liked that the book incorporated little vignettes from tween girls and the author's blog, but I have to say the ebook formatting was terrible.  Hopefully this has since been improved, otherwise I strongly encourage you to go for the print option.  The vignettes were intended to be broken out text, and in the ebook it all runs together, so that a vignette may break into the middle of a block of author's text.  Quite frustrating.

Content wise, I thought this book was excellent, and have already discussed with my sister and mom how a lot of the ideas apply to my niece.  I felt like this book truly did improve my understanding of this unique developmental time (even if I do hate the word tween).

This book is from my personal library.

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