Wednesday, December 7, 2011

En Route, by Steven" Kelly" Grayson

As a paramedic, Kelly has seen some wild situations.  He has helped educate new EMTs and paramedics, and he has worked as hard as possible to save lives every time he gets called out.  Some times the lives are saved, some times they are not, but on each call the paramedics do their very best to provide high quality care.

I went into this book knowing very little about emergency response personnel.  In fact, most of what I know about emergent medical situations has come from watching 7 seasons of Gray's Anatomy, so to me it was very refreshing to see what happens in an emergency from the responder's point of view.  I think that EMTs and paramedics are truly unique people, not every person could do that kind of job.  The stories that Kelly relates are equal parts funny and heart breaking.  

I know that within medical professions, their is a hierarchy.  EMTs, paramedics, nurses, doctors.  Each thinks he is the only one who knows the best way to care for a patient, and we clearly see that in the stories in the books, exhibited by Kelly as well as the professionals with whom he interacts.  This may not be the nicest behavior, and Kelly's internal thoughts may not always be ones with which readers relate or agree, but the book does seem to paint a brutally honest portrait how how these situations play out.  Medical professionals are human, they have mean or politically incorrect thoughts, but that does not mean they cannot still provide excellent care, as these stories clearly show.

I feel like the book really gave me an inside look at emergency medical personnel, and the types of situations they face.  All in all, an informative and entertaining read.

This book is from my personal library.

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  1. Thank you for the review, Tiffany.

    While the book may not always paint me or the EMS profession in the most flattering light, it is an honest portrayal, and that is the way I can best honor the men and women of EMS.

    En Route was my first book, and I like to think I've honed my writing craft somewhat since then.

    If you'd like to keep reading, feel free to visit my blog at