Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Friends Like Us, by Lauren Fox

Willa and Ben were best friends in high school.  They had a little oddball club of two members.  After high school ended, however, they drifted apart, as high school friends sometimes do.  Willa met Jane in college, and another best friendship bloomed.  Now Willa and Jane are roommates, but when Ben re-enters the pictures something odd happens.  Ben and Jane fall in love, and Willa ends up being left out.  What will happen to the dymanics as these relationships cross all sorts of boundaries?

From the very beginning of the book, we know that there has been a sad sad turn of events in the friendship of Willa and Jane.  Because we know something happened, but do not know what, we are hooked.  We want to know what happened, and we want to try to fix it.  I found myself adoring Willa and Jane both, and saddened to think that something was coming that would hurt them.

While the storyline is not the most original, the thing that really stood out to me was the character development of Willa and Jane.  The reader can not help but feel for these women, and the wounds they suffer.  I was completely wrapped up in the story.  I will admit that I was not wholly satisfied with the ending of the book, but mostly because I wanted their story to continue.  I think the book will really appeal to fans of contemporary fiction, particularly dealing with difficult relationships.

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