Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Singing, by Cindy Woodsmall

Mattie's heart was broken when her childhood sweetheart broke their engagement, but she moved on.  She moved to a new town, and started a cake business.  But when fire strikes her bakeshop, Mattie is forced to revisit her old town, her old life, and her old love.  Suddenly, everything she thought she knew is not exactly as it seems.

This was a perfect holiday read for me.  Cindy Woodsmall does a wonderful job creating characters that readers really care about.  I found this story to be really unique, focusing on a strong independent woman in the Amish culture, which is a rarity.  Mattie is a strong character, wonderfully written, and as a reader, you long to see her happy.  

I really liked that the story showed struggle, and felt it emphasized the similarities between the Amish and the English.  I think that is part of why Amish fiction is so popular, because it helps bridge a gap between cultures that seem so foreign and antithetical, when in reality the cultures share many commonalities.  The story is one of my favorites by the author, and it made for a wonderful, peaceful, hopeful holiday read.

I received a review copy courtesy of the publisher.

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  1. I have developed a real love for Amish fiction. I have been meaning to download this one on my kindle. Thanks Tiffany. I will definitely be doing that right now. Sounds like a good holiday read.