Saturday, November 30, 2013

What I Want, by L.N. Cronk

His whole life, Marco knew he was different.  Born with a sever cleft palate and a birth defect affecting his hands, Marco has always felt damaged; even after years of corrective surgeries, he is still self conscious.  His parents never let him use his disabilities as an excuse, and he is quite capable at almost anything.  He falls in love with a blind girl named Bizzy, and for years they maintain a long distance relationship, until they are both able to realize what it is they really want.

While this book is tied into the Chop, Chop series, this book functions perfectly well as a stand alone novel, probably more so than any other book in the series.  I really loved hearing the story from Marco's point of view.  While he talks about the things that make him different, and how they make him feel, he rarely focuses on those differences.  Instead, he focuses on the relationships in his life (some of which are trying and difficult), and the goals that he sets for himself.  I was happy when he allowed himself to find love with Bizzy, though I felt she was a bit cold to him.

I found the characters to be well developed, a particular strength of this author.  These are realistic characters, dealing with real problems, ones we are all familiar with.  Even if we were not born with same the specific issues as Marco, we all have felt different, ugly, self conscious.  We have all longed for love, struggled in our faith journey, and dealt with loss.  Books like this help us process our own issues.

I am a long time fan of this author, and she never fails to deliver.  I continue to await the next book by L.N. Cronk.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author in exchange for my honest review.

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