Thursday, November 28, 2013

35 Slow Cooker Christmas Recipes, by Jean Pardue

Maybe cooking Thanksgiving dinner makes you want to never cook again.  Maybe you got a slow cooker last Christmas and still have not taken it out of the box.  Maybe you will be too busy with last minute Christmas shopping to worry about cooking dinner.  Whatever your situation, this cookbook offer many simple slow cooker recipes to help with your holiday feast.

I am a major fan of the slow cooker.  Last week, I used my slow cooker at least 5 times.  I used to just do a few standards in the slow cooker, but lately I have been branching out and trying more things.  I am always surprised how versatile the slow cooker can be, when used correctly.  This cookbook is a great sampling of slow cooker recipes.  Most of them use very standard ingredients, nothing usual or difficult to find in your local grocery store.  The instructions are clearly written and very easy to follow.

I actually have tried several recipes from this book.  In my first ever attempt at making a ham, using one of the "Bonus" recipes at the end of the book.  Many of the recipes are old standards, given cute and festive names, so not only are they appropriate for a holiday meal, they can be used all year round.  To me, that makes this book a great value.

This book is from my personal library and I wrote an honest review of my own volition.

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