Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Graveyard Games, by Sheri Leigh

Dusty has come back to her home town, to bury her twin brother, Nick.  The circumstances surrounding Nick's death are suspicious; authorities are claiming it was a bobcat attack, but Dusty, along with several other town members, is not buying it.  She tries to infiltrate his group of friends to learn the truth, and along the way she faces monsters- both her family's and the town's.

I thought this book had a great premise.  It started off strong, I mean, the book opens at a funeral, so it is pretty obvious there is going to be a mystery.  The shadowy nature of the storyline indicates there are some supernatural elements at work, and for the majority of the book, the storyline develops in a logical, solid manner.  The last quarter of the book or so, however, seems a bit out of place.  It becomes very sexually focused, with scenes that seem out of place and forced.  

The character development was fair, but I felt like characters did things that did not make sense, or just disappeared out of the story for no reason.  For example, in the beginning there was a big emphasis on Dusty and Nick's stepmother, Julia.  But suddenly, she is no longer mentioned.  So what was the point of that early focus.  Similarly, I felt like the decisions Dusty makes in the last part of the book are not copacetic with how she is for the majority of the story.  It is almost like two versions of this book were written, and portions were mixed and matched.

It is not a bad book.  On the contrary, the premise of the story is really good.  And most of the execution is pretty good as well.  But the last part just seems off, and as a result the ending is not satisfying.

This book is from my personal library, and I wrote an honest review of my own volition.


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