Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Somewhere to Dream, by Genevieve Graham

When Adelaide and her sister Maggie are kidnapped by white men, then rescued by a group of Cherokee Indians, they have no idea the impact the ordeal will have on their lives.  Both girls are welcomed into the tribe, and both learn to cultivate their powers of prophecy through dreams.  Maggie leaves the tribe and begins her life as a wife and mother, while Adelaide stays with the tribe.  When a white man is brought into the fold by one of the Indians, claiming the man holds the spirit of his slain tribesman and brother, Adelaide realizes she must face her past, in order to have a real future.

Once again, Graham weaves magic in the form of a beautiful historical romance.  I absolutely loved the setting of early America, where the balance of peace between the Native Americans and the white men is always tenuous and dangerous.  I am simply fascinated with the customs and spirituality of native people, and I really enjoyed how that was woven into this story.

The idea of white people being accepted into an Indian tribe seems unusual to me, but when you read about it with these characters, it all seems to make sense.  The characters are deftly written, and one cannot help but love them.  I really loved seeing Jesse develop and grow throughout the course of the story.  There is a strong theme overcoming one's past and healing from wounds both physical and emotional.

The book will appeal to fans of historical romance, particularly those with interests in Native American spirituality.  Fans of Grahams past work will be happy to see her triumphant return with this novel.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author in exchange for my honest review.

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