Friday, November 22, 2013

Simple Gluten Free & Paleo Bread, by Donatella Giordano

The words gluten free and paleo are often heard when talking about nutrition.  But what do they really mean?  What is a gluten free or paleo diet, why would anyone chose it, and how do you deal with craving your favorite comfort foods?  This book gives a very thorough explanation of the gluten free and paleo dietary lifestyles, and provides numerous recipes for delicious bread that fit into either or both of those lifestyles.

I am not even going to lie, I miss bread.  A lot.  I removed gluten from my diet in January, and have kept it out, due to Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.  In short, gluten makes me icky, but does not do permanent life threatening damage.  Gluten is a main component in bread.  I love bread.  I miss bread.  Sure, there are gluten free breads available at local stores, but they are just not the same.  Bread always struck me as tough to make at home, unless you have a bread maker.  So I was very happy that this book has a good deal of easy, straightforward recipes that have fairly standard ingredients.  As you get further in the book, the recipes do get more complicated, but the book will appeal to a range of skill levels because of this.

I also like that there is a very thorough introduction to the book, regarding gluten free and paleo dietary plans, and the reasoning behind them.  A lot of people think my choice to eat gluten free is a fad, so it helps when books like this recognize that there are people with gluten sensitivity that really do need to maintain a gluten free lifestyle.  All in all, I think the book presents very thorough information, and a wide variety of recipes; it is well worth the money.  

This book is from my own library and I wrote an honest review of my own volition.

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