Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Valentine's Day Curse, by Elena DeRosa

For 25 years, Lisa has been carrying around the pain dealt to her by her first husband.  While she has moved on with her life, a part of her still hurts.  As a result, she hates Valentine's Day, and has a ritual that she performs every year.  But a surprise phone call may change all of that.

I thought this was a really cute little story.  As with any short story, there is not a whole lot of deep character development.  We do not learn a whole lot about Lisa's motivations, and why she married Joey in the first place.  And I am not really sure we needed to.  All we needed to know is he broke her heart, and that is what we learn the most about.

Not everyone loves Valentine's Day, so this story is a funny little reminder of that.  There was a time in my own life, after getting burned one too many times, that I too hated that day.  But, things can be transformed by the power of true love.  So, this story can appeal to either people who love or hate the holiday.  All in all it was just a cute little story.

This book is from my personal library and I wrote an honest review of my own volition.

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