Friday, November 1, 2013

The Complete Fibromyalgia Health, Diet Guide, and Cookbook, by Dr. Loise McCrindle and Alison Bested

For many years fibromyalgia was treated as a psycho-somatic disorder; in other words, patients were told it was all in their heads.  Continued research has helped us learn that this is a very real health issue, affected my many different factors.  In the same vein, successful treatment of this syndrome involves many different strategies.

This book is so incredible and thorough; I wish I had read it months ago.  This book validates nearly every concern and complaint that a person with fibromyalgia manifests.  Written in a way that is easy for a layman to understand, this book provides incredible information about what fibro is, how to manage the symptoms, different treatment interventions, possible causes or explanations, and a suggested dietary plan that will help fibro patients.

As with any health or self help book, the book can be a little overwhelming, especially the dietary part.  But the key is for users to parse out the information that is most relevent to them, to take small steps towards change/health, and to pay attention to how their bodies react to different interventions.

All in all, I think this is a tremendous resource for anyone dealing with fibromyalgia, or who has a loved one dealing with this syndrome.

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