Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fairchild's Lady, by Roseanna M. White

Isaac Fairchild has traveled to France to find a countess and her daughter, and assist them in escaping to England.  When he finds the pair, the countess is not eager to leave, since her daughter is in line to wed the
 duc.  When it becomes clear that the duc is not the loving man he appeared to be, however, the mother and daughter decide to flee, with the help of Fairchild.

What a nice little novella this is!  From the first pages, I was completely entranced with the character of Julienne.  So many women in royal courts have so little say over their lives, particularly pre- French Revolution, that I was happy to see a woman make decisions for herself regarding matters of the heart.  I have no illusions that many women in those days were able to marry for love, nor were many interested in marrying for love.  However, it is always nice to read a story where real love does conquer all.

For a story that is novella length, it certainly is packed with intrigue, romance, and action.  You have the mystery of who Julianne really is, as well as who Isaac really is.  How fitting that the story opens at a masquerade, since so many of the characters wear their own figurative masks throughout the story.

This book makes me eager to see what else is in store for the Culper Ring series.  Fans of historical romance are sure to love this story.

This book is from my own library, which I have chosen to review; all opinions are entirely honest and original.

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