Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dead is Just a Dream, by Marlene Perez

Life is never dull in Nightshade.  In the most recent story of the "Dead is" series, people in town are suffering from poor sleep, specifically, people are having nightmares.  And several people are turning up dead.  No one seems to be able to figure out who is responsible for the madness, but with several new faces in town, suspects are plentiful.  It is up to Jessica, and her fellow verago warriors, to keep the town safe.

This series continues to be one of my favorite young adult series.  I like that the books are short reads, but even being short, the are compelling.  The writing is clean cut, not a lot of fluff, and always related to the story.  And the story is smart.  The author continues to create truly frightening situations of out everyday life.  The books are just scary enough for the intended age group, in my opinion.

I also like that this series build upon the established cast of characters.  We continue to learn more about the tried and true characters, like Jessica, and watch them grow.  Yet there are always new characters and story arcs added to the books to keep things fresh.  I was worried that I would have forgotten a lot of the details of the previous story, but because the characters are so well established, they all came back to me quickly.

This particular story focuses on those small things that people are scared of, whether they are the everyday fears or the extremes.  To me, that is one of the scariest types of plots a book can have.  All in all, another well done book in this series.

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