Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two Moon Princess, by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

Andrea is a princess in what seems to be a medieval town on a totally different planet.  She finds it difficult to fit in, and wishes more than anything she did not have to become a proper lady.  When she discovers an ancient portal, she is transported to California on modern day Earth, and realizes that her family is full of secrets.

Andrea is a character going a pretty typical coming of age journey, hers just happens to be taking place as she hops between two parallel worlds.  I have no major problem with the concept of parallel worlds, nor with the coming of age storyline.  I did not, however, enjoy the execution of either concept in this book.  As a whole, the book seems to be halfheartedly executed.  The book tries to weave Spanish history and culture into the story, but for someone unfamiliar, it is totally lost.  The character and plot development seem inadequate, in my opinion.  We learn little about Andrea as a character, and I found the story to be lacking depth.  We learn very little of her experience on Earth, other than the fact she meets a cute boy, and it is never described to my satisfaction how she is able to adapt to her new and foreign surroundings so quickly and easily.

This is probably a perfectly fine book for a young adult reader, considering it offers lots of angles, and crosses several genres including fantasy and romance.  But I felt it did not translate as well for an adult reader as some young adult books do, simply because I wanted it to be meatier, better developed.  

This book is from my personal library.

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