Monday, November 7, 2011

Love You More, by Jennifer Grant

Not all people are called to parenthood, and not all families look the same.  Even those called to parenthood do not always get there in the same exact way.  Jennifer Grant discusses her transition from young married to mother, and how the blessing of international adoption played a role in her family.

What a fitting book to review during National Adoption Month.  And I can honestly say that this book is a blessing to me.  Very few books are so honest and loving about the fact that not everyone is called to parenting, not every Christian is called to adopt, and not every adoption is a smooth as you see in the movies.  I was moved countless times by Jennifer's courage as she related her doubts, not only as an adoptive mother but as a biological mother.  I love that Jennifer is so candid about her fears, her negative opinions on international adoption, and the fact that this is her story, this journey worked for her family, but it may not work for every family.

I know several families who have been blessed by adoption, and I know that each family's situation is different.  Each family has different struggles, and I think often adoptive parents feel that they cannot show frustration or anger or weariness with their children.  They fought so hard to get these children, they feel they must be happy and grateful all of the time.  Jennifer stresses that regardless of how a child comes into your family, as a parent you have a right, if not a duty, to express what is appropriate or acceptable for your child, and what is not.  It is perfectly fine for a parent, adoptive or biological, to be angry or hurt because of their child's actions or words.  It is perfectly fine to feel frustrated.  You have the right to feel what every other mother in the world feels.  

I personally thing this book is a wonderful, loving resource for all families considering adoption, in the process of adoption, or who have gone through an adoption already.  I love hearing Jennifer's story, and I am sure it will bless many families.

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