Monday, November 28, 2011

An Amish Wedding, by Beth Wiseman

Three different women, three different stories, all interwoven, all showing the trials of planning an Amish wedding.  Priscilla King wonders if all the set backs and bad luck are God's way of telling her not to wed.  Naomi Fisher is tired of playing matchmaker for everyone else, while she remains alone.  Rose Bender struggles with allowing friendship to grow into love.  Will these women find their own happiness in the end?

Sometimes, you just need to read a nice sweet love story.  Or three.  This book make me happy.  Just plain happy.  Not a lot of books do that, and while this book was not high literature, it did elicit a specific feeling, so in and of that, it is successful.  I really enjoyed the way the book was three stories, with all the characters making appearances in the various stories.  It made for nice short reading sections, with the added benefit of continuity.  My only critique is that I might have changed the order of the three a bit, since we hear hints of Priscilla's troubles long before we actually read her story.  However, I think with some of the action seeming to take place simultaneously, the order is kind of irrelevant.

I really enjoyed the three main female characters, but I have to say Naomi's story was the one I enjoyed the most.  Having married later than many of my peers, I felt that was the one to which I most related.  Each story was written by a different author, and I think each had their own unique voice, but never strayed from the main concept of the book.

Fans of Amish fiction will enjoy this three-in-one book, as will anyone in need of a nice sweet romance.

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