Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cedardale Court, by Nathan Lee Christensen

Canner has taken his daughter, Chloe, to live with Uncle Henry, in the hopes that a nice quiet life will help them forget their loss.  But life on Cedardale Court turns out to be, well, not so quiet.  When an accident reveals the death of a local teacher, everyone is stumped as to why she was killed, and who did it.  Turns out, pretty much everyone on Cedardale Court has a secret.

I am a huge fan of dark humor, of thrillers that make me snigger and snort.  So, this book?  Right up my alley.  While the main intention of the story is a murder mystery/thriller, the writing is done in such a witty, droll manner that one cannot help but laugh at parts.  Some of the villains in the story are so unlikely, bumbling and tripping their way through their nefarious deeds.  Not since watching "The Trouble with Harry" have I giggled so much over a dead body.  I just loved it.

Each character has their own unique story to tell, which flows nicely in the overall plot.  It is almost like individual strands being woven together into a sinister tapestry.  Everyone really does have a secret, and I love that slowly, all the secrets are revealed in the story.  By learning each character's story or secret, the reader feels connected to them, slowly, without realizing it is even happening.  It really hooked me and pulled me in to the book.

I think that fans of thrillers and murder mysteries will like the book, but I truly hope the readers will enjoy the wry humor of the writing as well, because to me that is what makes the book so memorable.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author.

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