Monday, June 28, 2010

Learn Me Good, by John Pearson

Learn Me GoodJack Woodson was an engineer for almost 4 years, before getting laid off.  Pondering his future, Jack decided to go back to school to become a teacher.  The book is a series of emails to a former engineering coworker chronicling Jack's first year as a 3rd grade math and science teacher in inner city Dallas.

Hands down, this is the funniest book I have read all year.  I was choking on my Cheez Its before I was even finished with the introduction.  This book is autobiographical, as John Pearson actually left engineering and became a grade school teacher in Dallas.  The names of the all the students, and probably the adults too, has been changed, but the situations are exactly what John experienced.

As I read this book, I kept reading excerpts to my husband, saying, oh honey, listen to this.... until finally he told me to shut up because he himself wanted to read the book, and I was totally ruining it for him!  This book made me laugh out loud with almost every email.  The structure of the book is that we get to read "Jack"'s half of a two way email conversation.  The funny thing is, one half of the conversation is all you need, as Pearson cleverly writes in such an easy, conversational style that the reader can easily infer the other side of the conversation.  I love that each email has a theme, and "Jack" uses different pen name to sign each email depending on that day's theme or story.

This book had me smiling so much, but there is a tenderness in the storytelling as well.  One can just tell that Pearson himself is a phenomenal teacher, with a real love for his field, but also with a wicked sense of humor.  The whole time I read this, I thought in my head, this is like what would happen if Jim Halpert (from The Office) became a teacher.

This is a hilarious book that every teacher, new and experienced, should read, as I am sure they can relate.  However, I believe that anyone who like humorous stories, and who doesn't, would love this book.  I will sing Pearson's praises to anyone who will listen.

Pearson also has a blog located here.  And as an extra special treat, in honor of his upcoming wedding and honeymood, Pearson is offering a special where you can purchase the Kindle version Learn Me Good for only 99 cents until July 12th!  What a deal.  This is way more fulfilling than a dollar menu!  And if you do not have a Kindle, never fear, you can download the Kindle for PC application to your computer for FREE, then get this book for less than a buck, delivered immediately to your computer.  So, you most definitely should check out this book.  Less cholesterol than a McDouble, and way more entertaining.

An electronic version of this book was provided for review courtesy of the author.


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  2. Great review and thanks for the tip. I downloaded the 99 cent version yesterday and look forward to reading it!