Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jason Dark, Ghost Hunter: Volume IV, Heavens on Fire, by Guido Henkel

We once again follow the adventures of Jason Dark and Siu Lin.  This time, we watch as demonic forces take over Heaven in an attempt to destroy creation and creator.  How do Jason and Siu Lin factor into this fight, and what will happen to mankind?

In some ways I think this has been my favorite Jason Dark novella so far, and that is saying a lot, because I am pretty enamored with the whole series.  We continue to watch Jason and Siu Lin's characters and relationship develop, and see more to them then just warriors.  I think this story contains so much beauty in its themes of good versus evil and the necessary balance provided by the existence of both forces.

Clearly, there are nods to the great works of Dante and Milton in the concept of this book.  I love that Henkel tackles a topic that, in the scope of horror writing, is not addressed as clearly as other types of evil monsters.  Sure we read books about demons, but rarely do we read stories about demons and angels fighting written in so bold a manner.  This story causes the reader to take pause, and ponder the forces greater than ourselves.  These are very traditional horror themes at play here, written in a style that is at once both classic and modern.  I especially loved the fact that the glory was not just belonging to Dark in this one, in fact, the character seemed to be humbled by the role he played in the battle.  I also liked the fact that this volume tied in so well with volume I, yet would have been perfectly understandable without ever having read volume I.

With each volume of this series, I am equal parts impressed with Henkel's abilities and saddened that I will soon run out of volumes to read.

An electronic copy of this book was provided for review purposes courtesy of the author.

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