Monday, June 28, 2010

Jason Dark, Ghost Hunter: Volume III, Ghosts Templar, by Guido Henkel

Ghosts Templar (Jason Dark - Ghost Hunter)Jason Dark and Siu Lin return in the third installment of the Jason Dark series.  In this novella, Jason is called to a small town to investigate the disappearance of the Chief Constable.  When he arrives, the town is being terrorized by the ghosts of the Knights Templar, returning to inflict vengeance on the descendants of their betrayers.  Who called them back from the dead, and will Jason be able to send them back to the grave?

 Once again, Henkel entertains readers with this new brand of gothic horror that I am quickly learning to love.  Jason and Siu Lin make an interesting team, and I love watching their relationship as partners develop.  Not only does Henkel do some serious homework on Victorian England and the history of the Knights Templar, the increased action on the part of Siu Lin displays good research on Asian magic and and Asian view of the supernatural.

As I read this novella, I detected an element that reminded me very much of Indiana Jones, mostly because the evil being hunted was one of historical significance.  There was a lot of development done on the Templar mythology, in order to make a rich plot.  I was once again impressed with Henkel's ability to captivate.  The trend I notice in his work is that is writes an opening scene that is so engrossing, you can not help but keep reading, to figure out where this is going.

As with its predecessors, volume III of the Jason Dark series will appear to fans of horror literature, both classic and contemporary.  However, the historical element and a lot of good action will appeal to an even wider audience, those who typically like historical or action based novels.  I greatly look forward to the next volume.

An electronic copy of this book was provided for review courtesy of the author.

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