Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jason Dark, Ghost Hunter: Volume I, Demon's Night, by Guido Henkel

Demon's Night (Jason Dark - Ghost Hunter)Jason Dark comes from a long line of ghost hunters.  His knowledge and skill are unsurpassed.  So when mysterious deaths start occurring in London, complete with dried and shriveled bodies, Jason knows that evil is afoot.  With the help of a young Asian woman named Sui Lin, Jason tracks down the demon that is stalking the foggy streets, and attempts to send it back to hell.  Jason learns that the demon is on a mission; will he be able to thwart this evil plan?

Guido Henkel draws his inspiration for his modern horror pulp fiction from monster movies of old, and does so quite successfully.  As I read this novella, I could draw from the same movies to allow myself to picture the story's action in my mind.  The scenes are well developed, with the action and mystery drawing you in right from the first page.

I personally liked the fact that not too much was revealed about Jason Dark's backstory, as this is to be a series.  I hope we learn about him little by little along the way.  Even with that air of mystery, Dark is a formidable character right from the get go.  I am anxious to read more of the volumes to see where Henkel takes Dark next.

I was impressed with the way this story captivated me.  As a seasoned reader of horror film and fiction, I can often anticipate plot lines in the horror genre, but this one was a fresh take on an old monster, a trend I hope to see continue in Henkel's work.  With the recent resurgence in certain aspects of horror fiction, I like an author who sets himself apart from the pack, and Henkel appears to be just such an author.

I would highly recommend this to any fan of the horror genre.  Because of it's relatively short length and lack of gratuitous violence, I would even say this is appropriate for young adult fans of the horror genre.  In short, if you like short stories by Stephen King, I think you will love this novella by Guido Henkel.  I am excited to read more of this series.
A copy of this e-book was provided for review courtesy of the author.

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