Friday, January 18, 2013

The ABCs of Freezer Cooking, by K.M. Logan

Freezer cooking is an incredible way to save yourself time, and often money, by cooking large portions or multiple meals at once, and storing in your freezer for later use.  Many people have misconceptions about freezer cooking, such as you must make 30 different meals to cook for a month, or you must have an extra freezer to store the extra food.  In this concise volume, you learn truths, tips, and tricks to how freezer cooking can change life as you know it.

I have been doing freezer cooking for over 2 years now.  I never really set out to do it, it just sort of happened.  I am not a fan of eating leftovers for many days in a row, yet I only know how to cook in large quantities.  When you are cooking for 2, these two facts can lead to a lot of waste; my solution was to cook a meal, use half immediately, and immediately freeze the other half.  Before I knew it, I was well on my way to doing regular freezer cooking.  I have done several big cooking days, where I prepare many meals or crockpot ready meals for freezing, but never have a done an entire month in advance, since that seems to daunting.  This book really made me think that it is a realistic goal to work toward now.

Using each letter as a short section on a specific tip or aspect, this book succinctly breaks down the how to's of freezer cooking.  You learn the benefits, the realities, shopping and preparation tips, and different ways to make freezer cooking work for your family.  And one section even includes some great meal ideas and recipes.  The book is a great introduction to the concept of freezer cooking, and the benefits.  The concepts are geared toward people with very basic cooking skills, no need to be a master chef to find this useful.  However, more experienced cooks may find that most of the information covered in the book is not new material to them.  Personally, like I said, I have been doing freezer cooking for 2 years, and I still found the book helpful, simply because her style is different from mine, and she uses some different techniques that I may be able to incorporate. 

In short, this book is an "introduction" to the concept of freezer cooking, so make sure you have the right expectations.  It is not a cookbook, or a menu planner, and it is basic information geared toward first time or new freezer cooks.  The book is pretty clear in it's subtitle that it is an introduction, so do not expect advanced techniques here, or discount the value of the information to those who are just starting out to freezer cooking.

This book is from my personal library; all opinions are honest and original.

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