Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold Case Morphs, by Barbara Silkstone

Morphs are people who wear full body morph suits, often as a way to escape their problems, and feel comfortable being their true selves.  A group of Morphs open a detective agency, specializing in cold cases, and their first case is as cold as they come.  While investigating a potential haunted house, Fedora and her fellow Morphs stumble onto a missing Hollywood director, a possible serial killer, and maybe, just maybe, true love.

Let's be honest up front, the idea of functioning in your everyday life while constantly wearing a Morph suit is a little, well, wacky.  So it stands to reason that a book about Morphs will also be a bit wacky, and it it is.  But it is wacky in a wonderful way.  Because many of the characters are wearing Morph suits, we learn very little about their physical appearance.  This forces us as readers to focus on their actions and personality traits in order to form opinions of them; in my mind, I bet these opinions are far more accurate than if we were to allowed to be influenced by physical appearance.  And in some ways, the mystery of these people in Morph suits is a little sexy.

Morph suits aside, the story at the heart of this novella is really quite normal.  A dash of mystery, some humor, romance, paranormal activity, and a few homages to some great 80s movies.  What is not to like?  I really liked the central mystery of the story.  I thought it was well developed and had many layers for such a quick read.  I liked the tie in a past story by the same author that involved Morphs, and I like the open ending that allows for more mystery Morph stories in the future.

Do not let the uniqueness of Morphs scare you off from this book; the story is so engaging, by the end, the Morphs seem like any other character, and though the story is unusual because of the Morphs, I think it is all the better for it.  I hope to see more Morph stories in the future!

I received a review copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for my honest review.

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