Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chocolate Covered Baloney, by KD McCrite

April Grace is back, and still dealing with the woes of a preteen girl.  Her older sister is acting funny, her baby brother is the center of attention, and April has a sense that big changes are coming now that she is in junior high.  And this biggest change of call comes calling in the form of a long lost family member!

This is the second book I have read in the April Grace series, and I find myself relating to April Grace so much.  Because the books are set in the 80s, in a rural area, April Grace's life shares similarities to my own life as a preteen, so I really find myself relating to her as a character.  I think she continues to be richly developed, and it is nice to see her maturing a little.  She is in that odd space between little girl and young lady, and I think so many tweens will relate to her.

I liked the story development as well.  It involves a little bit of a mystery (what is her sister up to??) as well as a conflict in the form of the long lost family member.  This means the story is engaging to the reader.  Also even though this is a book from a series, it functions fine as a stand alone story, something I always appreciate.  

I find these books to be great for middle grades readers, particularly young girls.  While the books are marketed as Christian fiction, the Christian aspect is subtle, and mostly, it is just a nice, clean book for middle grades readers to which they will be able to relate.

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