Friday, July 13, 2012

I've Been Deader, by Adam Sifre

What is harder than the life of a zombie?  The life of a zombie in love with a breather.  Such is the trial of our undead pal Fred.  You would think Fred would have no trouble scoring with the lovely Aleta, since he is still capable of rational thought.  For some reason, maybe it is the putrifying flesh or the risk of zombie infection, Aleta is just not biting.  So, Fred is.  Now, Fred is trying to lead a zombie uprising, all while trying to find his son Timmy (or is it Tommy, Fred cannot quite remember).

You would think a zombie would not be a very sympathetic character, particularly one with a heavy handed approach to dating, yet I found myself quite sympathetic toward Fred.  It cannot be easy being a being a higher level zombie capable of rational thought, stuck in a shuffling decaying body.  I liked the concept of there not really being a "good guy" in this book.  Even the guy who tries to fight the zombies is not exactly good.  Every person, alive or undead, is only looking out for his or her own interests.

I thought the writing was really clever, and found myself chuckling many times throughout the book.  Each chapter is a story in and of itself, and the chapters are woven together for a truly brilliant overall story.  I thought the chapters from Fred's point of view were the best, but I liked that the story was well rounded, showing the different aspects of the plot.

I found the book to be really entertaining overall, and quite witty.  It is definitely not your everyday zombie book; I think it will appeal to zombie fanatics, as well as readers who enjoy snarky humor.  Since I enjoy both zombies and snark, this book was perfect for me.

This book is from my personal library.

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