Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dead is a Battlefield, by Marlene Perez

Jessica is a freshman at Nightshade High School, and desperately wants to be the most popular girl in school.  But she barely has time to be popular, since she has learned the is a virago, a female warrior who must protect the town.  And protection is needed when a bunch of girls, including Jessica's best friend Eva, start acting like lovesick zombies.  Throw in a little bit of a crush on the new school hunk, and you can see that Jessica certainly has her hands full.

I thought this was a really fun little book.  This is actually something like the 6th book in the Dead Series by Marlene Perez.  The thing I really loved about the book was that I did not need to, nor did I, read the entire series in order to appreciate the book.  This book served quite well as a stand alone book.  I have actually only ever read one other book in this series, so the fact that I was able to pick this book up and dive right in speaks volumes to me.  While reading the entire series might give me a deeper appreciation of the book, it stands alone as a complete package.

I felt like I did not get to know Jessica as a character as well as I would have liked to.  We see her dealing with all these issues and obstacles, and while that was captivating, I would have liked to have learned more about her as a character.  I thought the whole love zombie storyline was cute, clever, and original.  And I love all the gothic literary and horror film references.  

The book is a fun little read for young adults, capitalizing on the popularity of paranormal fiction.  However,l there is certainly enough substance to appeal to adult readers as well.

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