Monday, July 16, 2012

I Hardly Ever Wash My Hands, by J.J. Keeler

Most people think that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is all checking and hand washing.  But after living with it her whole life, J.J. can assure you that OCD looks different for different people.  J.J. suffers from obsessions that have changed throughout her life, the most prevalent of which are obsessive fears that she will harm someone.  She frankly discusses her struggles so that people will see there is so much more to OCD than most people realize.

As a counselor, I was trained on many mental health issues.  OCD is one of the most misunderstood diagnoses, and the general public are often flippant about it.  People think if someone likes order and tidiness, that person must be OCD.  That is why I am so appreciative that J.J. wrote such an honest account of her life with OCD.  I feel like this book will open the eyes of so many people, and help others better relate to OCD sufferers.

This book is written in a manner that is completely conversational.  It does not feel overly clinical; instead it feels personal.  There is a lot of humor infused with stories of very real, frightening, struggle.  It felt a little wrong laughing at J.J.'s struggles, but she talked about them in such a witty way, I just could not help it.  I applaud her candor, and I feel certain that many people will be touched by this book.

This book will be great for use by counselors and instructors to help people more fully understand OCD.  It will also be helpful to those suffering from this disorder, but can be fully appreciated by all readers.

I received a review copy courtesy of TLC Book Tours.  See the rest of the tour here.

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