Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pat the Zombie, by Aaron Xim and Kaveh Soofi

Pat the Zombie: A Cruel (Adult) SpoofPaul and Judy can survive a lot of things, things you probably would never survive.  In this spoof of a classic childrens' book, you get to experience Paul and Judy's zombified world, including checking yourself for infection, playing peek a book with Paul, and feeling Daddy's putrefying flesh.  Most certainly not a book for kids.

Since I have been reviewing mostly standard novels recently, I wanted to mix things up a bit, and this book was the perfect choice.  I personally love spoof and satire, so this book cracked me up.  Designed to look nearly identical to the classic "Pat the Bunny" books, this is not for those with no sense of humor.  It is most definitely kind of gross, but funny.

I was amazed at how similar this book was to the original kids' book.  The typography and drawings are spot on, and the cover and packaging is identical (with the exception of some blood spatter).  The book is a short read, but well worth it none the less.  For anyone who loves zombies, or a zombie book collector, this book is a must have.  Sometimes zombie humor is done in a half-hearted way, and sometimes it is done perfectly.  I think this book is a grand slam.  I great gift idea for the zombie expert in your life.

This book was borrowed for the purposes of this review.

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