Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ghellow Road, by T.H. Waters

Ghellow RoadTheresa had a very unique childhood.  The first few years seemed picture perfect, until Mommy started having some troubles.  Mommy was in and out of hospitals a lot, and the strain took its toll on the family.  Bit by bit the picture perfect life unraveled, and by the time Theresa was in high school, her life and family was nothing like it was just a few years before.  Yet thanks to the influence of caring adults and supporting friends, Theresa finds a way to move forward and prosper.

Once again, I find myself asking why there are not more books like this out there?  Mental illnesses affect more that just the person diagnosed, and this book is a perfect example of how.  This is a story that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Waters bravely talks about her life in a way that really lets the readers see the unfolding of events.  In the beginning, you can not even tell anything is wrong.  By the end, you are amazed anything is right.  Bravo to Waters for baring her soul, and painting an honest picture of what life is like for the child of a schizophrenic.  I love the fact that we get to see Theresa's anger at her mother, and the mother's apparent lack of understanding as to why she might be angry.

This is a book that can provide such hope to children dealing with mental illness within their family system.  I think this would be a great book for therapists to recommend to young adults with mentally ill parents, to help show them that even when they do not look like a happy tv sitcom family, they can still live happy, meaningful lives.  I have the utmost respect for Waters, for sharing her story and empowering so many others to hopefully do the same.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author.