Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The One Day Way, by Chantel Parrish Hobbs

The One-Day Way: Today Is All the Time You Need to Lose All the Weight You WantAre you ready to change your life?  Well prepare to do it, one step, one day at a time.  This method of weight loss and lifestyle change allows you the freedom to forget the mistakes you may have made yesterday, and focus on what you can do today to help you advance to your goal weight.  The key is to start by changing the way you think, then changing the way you act.  With words of encouragement, easy sample meal plans, and sample exercises, you have all you need to start the journey to the new you.

I have never read a weight loss book before, so I cannot say if this book is like all the others out there, but I can tell you, in terms of the nutritional and fitness suggestions and aspects of the plan, there is nothing new here.  I think people just look for a magical, easy solution, when it all comes down to burning more calories than you consume.  But that is hard work, which most people do not want to do.

What I did find refreshing and unique was the aspect of faith (not religion, but faith) into the program.  And a lot of the things in the book from a faith perspective were really encouraging.  It is nice to have a plan focus on the fact that no matter what, if you mess up, tomorrow is a new day to try to do better.  The plan does not focus on beating yourself up when you are imperfect.

All in all, a book filled with encouraging words, but not too many fresh ideas in terms of diet and exercise.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher.

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