Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Clockwork Heart, by Liesel Schwarz

Elle Chance, female airship pilot, is back with another steampunk adventure.  Recently married to Hugh Marsh, Elle finds it difficult to balance her life as a working woman, a wife, and of course as the Oracle.  A horde of clockwork zombies is taking over the city, and Elle finds herself, and her husband, right in the middle of the trouble.  A colorful cast of supporting characters tries to help Elle solve her problems and discover how to balance her identity.

This is the second novel in this steampunk fantasy series, and I have to admit I was a tiny bit disappointed.  The first book in the series sets the bar high, and something about this follow up fails to deliver a little for me.  I disliked the fact that Hugh, while a main topic of this book, as a character is hardly explored.  It is like we are told about him much more than we are shown him, and to me that kind of writing lacks impact.  I do, however, like the steampunk take on zombies; I found it really refreshing and innovative.  In general, this book takes steampunk and develops it into something different, which I love.

As with the first book in the series, the paranormal aspects of the book are frequent, and well developed.    The writing is vivid, and creates the perfect atmosphere.  I felt like I, too, was skulking the misty streets of Victorian London alongside Elle.  While the fairy is still present in this book, her presence is greatly reduced, and honestly we probably could do without it, but it does seem the precedence was set in the first book, so some follow up was necessary.

All in all, the book is good, just not as good as the initial book in the series.  Still good enough to keep me waiting for the next installment though.

I received a review copy courtesy of Amazon Vine in exchange for my honest review.

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