Thursday, September 26, 2013

She Can Scream, by Melinda Leigh

Brooke is forever haunted by the murder of her roommate sixteen years ago.  She has made it her goal to help teach women how to protect themselves.  After one of her classes, she hears a scream, and upon investigation she finds a woman being attacked.  She saves the girl, but the attacker decides to target Brooke next.  Luckily, a friend of the family, Luke, can help keep an eye on Brooke.  But perhaps he wants to do more than just keep an eye on her.

Apparently this book is part of a series, but it is the first I have read by this author, and it functions well as a stand alone book.  I really enjoyed the blending of mystery, suspense, and romance.  I thought it was well done, and made the book appealing to a wide variety of readers.

I particularly liked Luke and Brooke as characters.  I thought their back stories were interesting, and lended extra depth to them as characters.  I liked the sub-story of the two of them together as well.  I felt like they were helping each other heal from the past.

I particularly liked the sections of the book written from the attacker's point of view, and was surprised to learn his identity at the end.  

All in all I think this is a solid story, appealing to fans of thriller, mystery, crime, and romance.

I received a review copy courtesy of Amazon Vine in exchange for my honest review.

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