Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kitt Pirate: Snaggletooth's Treasure, by Ben Oliver

Kitt Pirate: Snaggletooth's Treasure

Captain Kitt may be young, but he surely does not lack wisdom or courage.  He and his crew are seeking the treasure of Captain Snaggletooth, thanks to a map the Kitt has.  After being at sea for so long, the crew finally reaches Caverock Island, home to the treasure.  What further adventures await once they reach the land, and will Kitt and his crew really find the treasure?

This book is, in a word, splendid.  Intended for a middle grades audience, I found the book to be a fantastic story, perfect for enticing children to read.  The story was well developed, full of action and adventure, without being violent or gory.  I loved the illustrations, which will really help a young reader better envision the story while reading.  I thought the action moved at an appropriate pace, given that readers of this age can still be intimidated by some chapter books.  

The characters were fantastic; character development in a children's book is tough.  I think we learn just enough about Kitt and his crew to remain interested and invested in the story, without overwhelming they young reader with information.  

Good middle grades books are hard to come by, particularly those that entice kids who are not big fans of reading.  I think this book is perfect for that audience, particularly young males who would typically be more interested in video games.  The fact that this book is available as an ebook might help entice skittish readers as well, allowing them a chance to get used to ebook technology.  

I would be remiss if I did not add that I sincerely hope Kitt has continuing adventures.  With the recent success of pirate themed movies, I think more of these books would do really well. 

I received a review copy courtesy of the author.
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