Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Egyptian, by Layton Green

The EgyptianDominic Grey returns in this second book in the series.  This time, Grey is working as an employee of Viktor Radek, and he embarks on a case involving biomedical technology.  But what seems a clear cut case of corporate espionage and theft quickly reveals itself as something more.  Veiled hints at immortality through the elixir of life, purported mummy sightings, and the possibility of a newly established cult based on ancient principles are enough to keep any man busy; add to this a gorgeous woman and a bit of heartbreak and you will see why Grey ends up wrestling with many kinds of demons.

Once again, Layton Green blows readers away with a story that is both thrilling and relevant.  I myself know very little about biotech and various scientific advances, yet Green makes the topic understandable captivating by weaving it into a story that may or may not have supernatural ties.  I love that you are never completely sure about Green's stories.  Is there a rational explanation, or is there a bit of a mystical element at work?  It is open to interpretation, which I find completely fascinating.  Could these stories really happen, do they in fact really happen to some degree?  One is never quite sure.

I really enjoyed learning more about Dominic Grey as a character.  We revisit his past, and see its impact on his current life.  This is a man clearly engaged in an internal struggle far more taxing than any physical opponent he faces.  I like the addition of a new female character, and I hope in the future Grey is caught in a web between the two women he has encountered.

As with the first novel in the series, this book is extremely well researched.  Readers can tell that a lot of time and effort went into creating a quality story.  The writing helps propel the story, but the fiction and facts used to create the plot dance in delicate symbiosis to create something truly brilliant.  Once again, I am impressed with Green's ability to create a story that will appeal to both male and female readers, and fans of various genres, in subtly different ways.

I anxiously await the next Dominic Grey novel.

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I received a review copy courtesy of the author.

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