Monday, May 2, 2011

The Taming of the Bastard, by L.A. Dale

The Taming of The BastardMillie is a woman with a plan.  She works two jobs to save her money, so that she can buy and run a bed and breakfast resort in Indonesia.  There is no room in the plan for romance, particularly if that romance involves a boorish rugby playing womanizer.  Yet, one cannot choose who one loves, not even in Millie's case.  So, the question is, what happens to all her plans?

This was such a cute little romance.  I absolutely adored Millie's character, though she had a lot more patience than I would have.  I love the description of the women in the book, and could easily see them featured in their own "Sex in the City" type of movie.  These woman made me chuckle numerous times, and I really felt like another girl in their group.  Brilliant character development all the way around.  As far as Sam goes, he is the man I want to hate, and just cannot, which I suspect is how Millie felt as well.

I liked the little secrets that are woven into the storyline.  Some of them I suspected, while others I had no clue.  But all in all the story flowed nicely, and I loved the resolution at the end.

I have preached on numerous occasions on why I disliked romance novels in the past.  It is books like this one that converted me into a romance reader.  I love when a romance novel hints at sexiness, flirts with naughtiness, but steers away from out and out erotica.  I think that is way more romantic and sexy, and this book fits into that category nicely.  A contemporary romance that simply smolders without the smut.

I received a review copy of the book courtesy of the author.

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  1. Thanks for the review and will put this on my to-read list. I much prefer books that smolder!