Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Goodnight Tweetheart, by Teresa Medeiros

Goodnight TweetheartAbigail is a writer, trying hard to keep from becoming a one hit wonder.  Her publicist signs her up for Twitter, in the hopes that Abigail will be able to read more readers.  Instead, Abigail meets Mark, a man with whom she begins an online relationship.  But, as with so many online meetings, things are not exactly as Mark described.  What secrets is he hiding, and how will Abigail respond?

I am so glad that this book came out now, as opposed to a couple of years ago.  I used to think Twitter was the stupidest thing ever invented, so had I encountered this book back in those days, I would not have been interested.  But as a reformed Twitterphile, this book came to me at the perfect time, and actually stoked the fires of my Twitter love.

I adored the characters of Abigail and Mark, and it was so fun to watch their romance blossom.  As someone who found true love online, I was reminded of so many fun moments, hard moments, and butterfly in the tummy moments that happened much like they did in the book.

I actually think  the premise of the book is quite clever, and I love that much of what we read is the tweet conversations between the two characters.  It gives a nice voyeuristic feel that so many fans of social media find comforting, and really draws you in to the story.

Fans of romance will love this book, it is such a sweet romantic story.  And those who, like me, love social media will probably like the unique premise of the book.  It is pretty tame, so it would even be suitable for high school aged readers, who are much more likely to be tech savvy.

I received a touring copy of this book from Crazy Book Tours.