Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seven Exes are Eight Too Many

Seven Exes Are Eight Too ManyMC was having rotten luck in the wonderful world of dating, so on a whim she applied to be on a dating show.  Never in a million years did she imagine it would turn out the way it did, with MC stranded on an island with 7 exes, competing against yet another ex and his team of 7 exes.  It was like survivor, with sex partners.  Sure that all these men hate her, MC wonders how she will manage to make it through the required 21 days, not to mention try to win the game.  But will she end up winning more than just a game?

For any reader who also loves reality television, this book is sure to be a hit.  I will admit, there was a time when I was a reality t.v. junkie, so I found this book really funny, and at the same time insightful to how life must be for those who compete on the reality shows.  I loved the characters in the book.  You might think that this sounds like too many exes to keep track of, but Wardell does a fantastic job of really developing the characters, and making sure you are able to keep them all straight.

I thought the storyline was a fresh take on a romance/love triangle situation.  More like a love octagon!  The idea that the whole situation is framed around a reality show was innovative, in my opinion; I have not read any other romance book set in such a unique manner.

As always, Wardell delivers a book that is romantic and charming, sexy but not smutty.  For anyone looking for a great romantic read for your summer vacation, I say, look no further!

A review copy was provided by the author.