Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zombie Cupcakes, by Zilly Rosen

Zombie Cupcakes: From the Grave to the Table with 16 Cupcake CorpsesZombies have infiltrated every aspect of popular culture: movies, video games, literary classics.  It was only a matter of time before the joined forces with the cupcake.  In this book, you will find recipes and step by step instructions to make some horrifically delicious cupcakes.

I must admit, until the last few years, I was more a vampire fan than a zombie fan, but as zombies slowly scrambled for more high profile coverage, I, along with many others, began taking notice.  Now, I am a full fledged zombie lover, which is why this book looked so interesting to me.  I love zombies, I love cupcakes, how could this book go wrong?

Answer: IT CAN'T.  This book is amazing!  While not terribly talented at cake baking and using fondant and the likes, this book really appealed to me and made me want to try to make some of these cupcakes.  Let's start with the recipes.  The book gives you basic recipes for decorations, and then tells you how to zombify them.  So, in other words, the recipes are great for non zombie decorations as well.  Then the recipes for the cupcakes themselves sound amazingly tasty.  Red velvet, key lime, and applesauce and caramel are some of my favorites.  Each style of cupcake has its own section, with directions, a photograph, and step by step illustrations.  There is also s difficulty indicator on each recipe.

In terms of a cookbook, this is about the most awesome one I have seen, just because it gives you so much reference information.  How many times have you made something and wondered if you were using the right technique, or is it really supposed to look like this?  This book takes away the guess work.

In terms of the zombie aspect, again, the book scores a home run.  The level of detail in the decorations for the cupcakes is amazing, yet this book breaks it down, and makes you feel confident in using these techniques.  Also, I love the text that accompanies each type of cupcake, and the little zombie trivia thrown in for good measure.

All around, this was a fantastic book, and I would love to see more specialty cupcake books by Zilly Rosen.

Now, if I could only decide if I am hungry for cupcakes or brains.

A review copy of this book was made available courtesy of NetGalley.

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