Tuesday, November 23, 2010

God Made Me Pick Up Underwear, by Orlando U. Javien Jr.

God Made Me Pick Up UnderwearLiving an average life, Orlando was unaware there was anything wrong with the way he lived his life.  He was unaware that his wife was unhappy, or that his binge drinking and addiction to pornography were not normal behaviors.  But slowly, Orlando had his eyes opened by God, and saw tremendous changes in his life.  This book is full of stories of his journey.

Let me start by saying that Orlando certainly does not lack heart, or passion, for God.  He clearly loves God, and wants everyone else to as well.  I think, however, his book may have lacked some direction, and a good editor.  The first few chapters read much like book reviews.  The lead back to specific books, or authors, or sermons by specific preachers, none of which I was familiar with, and tied some personal story in with some aspect of the subject matter.  As the book went on, this was less common, but the book lacked cohesion.

Clearly, this book is intended for a Christian audience, but I wonder about the Biblical nature of some of the topics covered.  It struck me as odd that a prayer group of laymen would go off in a limo to perform an exorcism at a house.  Just look at how many things could be odd about that sentence.  There were several instances in the book that I felt could have benefited from scriptural defense.

It seems to be that Orlando is still very young in his faith, which is good in that he is still greatly on fire, but a young fire can burn a bit out of control.  I think that with more years of study and mentoring, as well as a more seasoned co-writer, Orlando could write wonderfully uplifting spiritual books.

A review copy of this book was made available from the Christian Review of Books.

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