Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cut!, by Denise Imwold, Andrew Brettell, Heather von Rorh, and Warren Hsu Leonard

Cut!: Hollywood Murders, Accidents, and Other TragediesWhat is it about movie stars that fascinates us?  We want to know everything about their lives.  We even want to know about their deaths.  Sometimes the deaths are tragic accidents, sometimes the results of illness, and sometimes murder and scandalous deaths.  This book explores the lives and deaths of some of Hollywood's elite.

I am a sucker for old movies, so when I saw this book was bargain priced, I had to pick it up, thinking I had little to lose.  Personally, I think I scored a bit of a treasure with this one.  I love movie trivia, and I like to read stories about movies and movie stars, so this was right up my alley.

I thought the book was well organized into different sections, with the appropriate amount of information on each star.  I also liked the variety of stars covered in the book.  Most were ones with which I was familiar, as least a little, but there were a few instances where I learned about stars that were new to me.  And in some instances, I learned some interesting new facts about the stars with which I was familiar.

While this is not a highly academic or scholarly read, nor is it very literary, I found this book highly interesting and entertaining.  This is a great book for film buff, particularly those interested in older movie stars.  While the subject matter could be considered a bit morbid, it is also quite fascinating.

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