Monday, October 18, 2010

Lancelot's Lady, by Cherish D'Angelo

Lancelot's LadyRhianna is a nurse for a millionaire named JT.  When he offers to send her away on a Bahamian vacation, she feels very lucky.  However, when she arrives at the supposed resort, she finds a mistake has been made, and she is marooned on a private island, at the home of a man named Jonathon.  Rhianna meets Jonathon's daughter Misty, who is deaf, and begins to teach both father and daughter to use sign language.  Eventually, she finds herself falling for this mystery man, and wondering how she came to be on this island.

I have to admit, romance novels, they are usually not my thing.  Typically I find them hard to stick with.  That is so not the case with Lancelot's Lady.  This book is not a drippy, vapid, Harleqin style romance, nor does it use ridiculous words like "love rod".  This book has substance, a real honest to goodness story.  And while sexuality is most definitely portrayed in the book, it is done so with taste and class.

The characters are really well developed, with depth and good back stories.  The plot has a lot of interesting twists and turns.  Because I do not read many romance novels, I had no idea where this was going, though maybe more seasoned romance readers will be more savvy.  In fact, at one point, I was concerned about what the real nature of the relationship was between JT, Rhianna, and Jonathon, fearing Rhianna and Jonathon may be sharing more than just some passionate kisses.  Despite what V.C. Andrews fans would have you believe, incest is not all that fun to read about.  But luckily, Ms. D'Angelo was much more imaginative than that, and kept me guessing right up to the end.

I have to say, if more romance novels were structured like this, as more novel and less soft core literary porn, I might be more of a romance reader.  As it is, I am very anxious to see what else Cherish D'Angelo has to offer, because so far, I am pretty impressed.

A review copy of this book was provided courtesy of the author.

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