Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jason Dark, Ghost Hunter: Volume VIII The Blood Witch, by Guido Henkel

The Blood Witch (Jason Dark - Ghost Hunter)Jason Dark and Siu Lin are back for another blood curdling installment of the Jason Dark series.  In this installment, up and coming actress Fiona Cowie seeks help from Dark, feeling as though she is being stalked about the city, all the while, mysterious deaths are being attributed to some wild animal.  Too late, Dark determines the two events are linked, and the source of the turmoil is the Blood Witch.  But who is this Blood Witch, what does she want with Fiona, and will Jason Dark and Siu Lin be able to stop her?

Yet another feel for Henkel, as this installment relies much more heavily on actual history.  The tale he spins has real historical foundations, with a good dose of gothic imagination folded in.  I was, as always, completely entranced with the tale, and was unable to tear myself away until I read it in its entirety.  This is the perfect book for the Halloween season, with plenty of thrills and chills.

As always, we are permitted to see a bit more into Dark and Siu Lin's characters and relationship, watching it unfold in a very natural way.  I loved hearing a bit more about Jason's family's past, and would love to see a prequel that really covers the Dark Family story in depth.  I also loved that this story was based somewhat on historical fact, and it had me wishing that Dark would perhaps someday chase Jack the Ripper.

I love the fact that none of these stories is too much like the others, each drawing on different sources of inspiration, but all keeping within the same themes and tone so as to remain consistent, but fresh.  And the fact that there are these hidden nuggets of awesome literary homage (hello Bram Stoker) is also a nice touch.  I only wish I were more well read so as to catch them all, as I am sure I have missed quite a few.

As always, Henkel leaves me wanting more, and a self professed Jason Dark fan for life.  There is no reason you should not have read one of these stories by now.

A review copy of this book was provided courtesy of the author.