Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Last Little Blue Envelope, by Maureen Johnson

After spending the summer running around Europe following instructions left in letters by her now dead aunt, Ginny seems lost.  She is lost because the letters, and her chance for closure, were stolen, and she was unable to carry out her aunt's final request.  When someone contacts Ginny about the final letter, she finds herself once again London bound, and headed off for another grand adventure.

It has been some time since I read the prequel to this book, so I was a bit worried that the details might be a bit funny in my brain regarding the unorthodox storyline of this series.  Luckily, within the first few pages, the story came back to me, and I was able to funny enjoy Ginny's adventure.  I feel like we really got to see Ginny undergo so serious growth with this last chapter of her story.  She is preparing for college, and reflecting on how much her life has changed since she read her aunt's first letter.  We find her dealing with a bit of a love triangle, which kind of becomes a love quadrangle in the end, and I liked this subtle tension.

I found that, despite the fact that the plot once again involves a teenager tromping unchaperoned through Europe, the very heart of the situations in the book were quite believable.  Most teens have, at some point, pined for a romantic partner.  Some have found themselves making risky choices.  And I would venture to say all have found themselves facing a crossroad in life, and unsure which path to choose.  The biggest gift Ginny's aunt gives her is the ability to really seek out her own path, and her own story.  Even by revisiting places she had already been, each adventure has it's own story to tell.

All in all, I thought this was a good read.  Not as fast paced and crazy as the first book, but I found this book to be much more heartfelt than its predecessor.  I think in Ginny we see the "every girl" character who is given an opportunity to experience something amazing.  It is an opportunity of which most of us secretly dream, which is why so many will be able to relate to this book.

I borrowed this book from the local library.


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